About Miguel Angel Casimiro Artés

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About me

With a solid academic background and diverse experience in data analysis and product management in the sports industry, I’m confident in my ability to contribute significantly to any team.

I hold a degree in Statistics and Operations Research from the University of Granada and have completed two master’s programs: one in Sports Big Data (Big Data International Campus & La Liga) and another in Management and Analysis of Large Data Volumes (European University Miguel de Cervantes). Currently, I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Education at the University of Almería, which has allowed me to develop advanced skills in research and data analysis.

My professional experience includes significant roles such as Product Manager at Hudl, where I managed both the hardware and firmware of the WIMU system as well as the WIMU Cloud product. In addition, I have been participating in new developments and improvements of Hudl products such as Sportscode, Wyscout, Studio, etc. In these positions, I led the development of new features, conducted market research-analysis, and closely collaborated with engineers and other departments to ensure the quality and success of the products. Additionally, as a Statistician at the “SPORT Research Group” of the University of Almería and at Realtrack Systems S.L. (WIMU), I worked on creating analytical tools and Machine Learning models and supported customers with advanced Big Data solutions.

I have gained extensive experience in data collection, cleaning, and analysis, using both structural (SQL) and non-structural (NoSQL) databases, as well as in data visualization and report generation using Power BI and Tableau. Finally, my proficiency in programming languages such as R and Python, as well as in various data analysis platforms has enabled me to deliver precise and useful results for strategic decision-making.

In addition to my technical skills, I possess strong teamwork, problem-solving, and communication abilities, in both Spanish and English (C1 level).