Sydney Sports Academy


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Company Description

We help junior athletes turn their sporting dreams into a professional career.

The Sydney Sports Academy is the number 1 training hub for all junior athletes across Greater Sydney. This is where the best junior athletes train to increase their performance and progress to the next level in their sporting careers.

How we do it

SSA bridges the gap between development athletes & professional athletes. Our System at SSA produces world class athletes to compete at the prfoessional level and succeed. SSA focuses on developing an athlete’s overall game by working on three major categories:

  • Physical Development
  • Sport Specific Skill
  • Mental Preparation

To be a professional athlete, you must be able to meet the criteria in a high-pressure sporting environment consistently every week. At SSA, we take the guess work out of it, allowing you to learn & develop your skills to maximise your potential as an athlete.

What Makes Us Different?

SSA has a unique system that focuses on developing our athletes on the field by impletenting a long-term athletic development program that also integrates sports specific skills to see an immediate transfer to their sporting performance. SSA has created a professional sporting environment that is focused on developing each athlete to reach the professional level. Our group sessions are our most elite service that we offer, these sessions are very competitive, and each athlete will be surrounded by high quality athletes from all different field sports.

We offer group classes to cater for all our our athlete’s needs. At SSA, we have high standards for all our coaches & athletes on how we conduct ourselves. We strive to support & improve our athletes every day, maximising their potential for success.


Our Performance coaches have 15 years of extensive sports knowledge & experience having worked with sporting teams & athletes across multiple sporting codes at a professional level.

Sports SSA has worked with:

  • AFL
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Netball
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Track & field
  • Baseball